E-Learning consultancy

1 What’s your business?

An education consultancy specialising in e-learning, advising teachers how to use
technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning.

I developed and manage the Staff ICT Skills Audit and Webtools web sites.

2 Why did you choose MK?

Milton Keynes is a vibrant new town, clean and attractive with minimal traffic jams.

Housing costs are significantly lower than towns in other Home Counties yet there are far
more facilities – it is in all but name a city, (just lacks a cathedral!)
Networking opportunities here are excellent as there is a thriving culture of new and
fairly new businesses seeking to develop and managers keen to discuss all aspects of
development with others. There are regular meetings and training sessions arranged for
existing businesses and entrepreneurs to attend

3 What’s your interest in Big Data?

My work involves collecting data and interpreting it. I hope to be able to extend my current
range of services to provide information and comparisons of establishments across a much
wider field using the full facilities available with Big Data.

At present I collect individual staff skills data which provides one view of an organisation
and where its strengths and weaknesses may lie. I will be able to add to that data and
present a more detailed view, collating information relating to how organisations have
utilised technology from public reports and other surveys conducted, including student

4 How can Big Data be instrumental in your expansion?

I would hope that by incorporating more information and extending the scope of my
reports I will be able to get more clients using my services and will be able to earn more
income so enabling the recruitment of more staff.

5 How can UCMK support you?

There are two areas where I need assistance: one is in providing a seamless interface
between entering data and seeing the results on the Staff ICT Skills Audit and the other is
in extracting and analysing the data that I seek to enhance and extend the reports. These
are technical programming skills that will be available within UCMK.

6 What’s the best thing about being in MK for business?

Excellent transport and road structure for easy access to other major cities, including
London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge at each point of the compass.

7 How has your business developed?

It is a new business and just getting started now. I have one part-time assistant but expect
to need several as the year progresses and more clients require advice and more data
extends the range of services.

8 Key persons from the business to be included in the Case Study.

I would propose myself and my son, Kyran Hill as being potentially interesting and
professional voices. In addition I am in discussion with a Marketing professional who works
with me with a view to considering how we might maximise opportunities presented by Big