Apollo marketing

1. What’s your business? (In a nutshell)

Apollo Marketing is a new business offering a cost effective link for companies wishing to make consumer sales without the overheads associated with setting up a conventional office team.

There is a new market for consumers who wish to take the images on their mobiles and cameras and turn them into wall art, calendars, photo gifts and much more besides.

Apollo Marketing is targeting non-photographic entities which have large data bases of consumers with common interests and examples are magazines, charities, retail groups and clubs. The larger the databases are, the better the chance of driving the business.

Apollo Marketing offers a complete service, organising all of the consumer touch points, money collection, production, order fulfillment and customer service. The data base owner is supplied with an email campaign, which they send to their customers. Apollo Marketing then takes care of all aspects of the business and pays a commission to the owner on a monthly basis.

2. Why did you choose MK? Skills and Location

The geographic position of Milton Keynes means that 90% of Apollo Marketing’s target customers are within a two hour car journey, making meetings easy and cost effective. The train service offers incredibly good access to both London and Birmingham and Luton airport is only 40 minutes away. The growth of MK has ensured a great supply of skilled and trained individuals who will be needed for the business as it expands. Looking ahead, the proposed rail links with Oxford, Reading and eventually Cambridge will further enhance the attraction of the location.

3. What’s your interest in Big Data?

Our business provides an interface between customers with large data bases and consumers. The challenge is to place a proposition in front of the consumer when he or she is most likely to be receptive. Big Data will enable us to understand the buying patterns of target groups and to improve the efficiency of the email marketing campaigns.

4. How can Big Data be instrumental in your expansion?

Big Data helps to make a business expand without having to increase the ‘traditional’ parts of the business at the same rate. With the power of Big Data, one can increase the number of transactions and consumer interactions, without having to increase the infrastructure at the same rate.

An example would be an email with a particular offer. This will take some considerable time to cost the offer and then to design and produce the email. Once produced, it will be as easy to send to 100,000 people as it will to 100. Big data will ensure that we are efficient with these precious communications – getting the right message to the right people at the right time. A successful email will drive exponential business without needing exponential increases at the front end of the operation.

5. How can UCMK support you? Service, consultancy etc.?

Apollo Marketing needs to understand the potential of Big Data and UCMK will be able to explain the structure and potential for this fantastic new era on which we are embarking. We need to know exactly how to extract the information and, more importantly, how to put this into a format which will be usable in the business.

Apollo Marketing is essentially a marketing company and we do not yet have the intrinsic skills needed to maximize the opportunity. If UCMK can mentor us then we will be able to develop our internal skill set and eventually become more independent. Within 18 months, the infrastructure of Apollo Marketing will be quite different to that of today and this will be an enormous boost to the future prospects of the company.

6. What’s the best thing about being in MK for business?

Apart from the communications and talent pool, Milton Keynes is a place to be proud of. First time visitors are always impressed with the modern ‘feel’ of MK and there is no shortage of places to entertain customers once the business of the day has concluded.

All in all, it must be one of the most attractive areas in which to start a business.

7. How has your business developed? i.e. Staff numbers? Turnover

Apollo Marketing is a new business and definitely in the ‘start-up’ phase of development. The aim is to create a team of talented and enthusiastic individuals who are keen to drive the business and share in its success.

8. Key Persons with job titles from your business to be included in the case study

Gary Banks. Business owner. gbanks@apollo-marketing.co.uk 07824 991874