Evidence Talks

1.What’s your business? (In a nutshell)

Digital Forensic computing: We provide forensic investigation services, develop specialist forensic software and deliver advanced forensic consulting to global government, law enforcement and corporate clients.

2. Why did you choose MK? Skills and Location

a) The prospect of creating a novel, cloud based forensic and e-discovery platform.

b) The prospect of being able to develop forensic tools/techniques to acquire data from cloud environments.

3. What’s your interest in Big Data?

Forensic tools and processing struggles to cope with more than a few TB at reasonable speed. The ability to ‘triage’ cloud data to change the way this is done and set new precedents.

4. How can Big Data be instrumental in your expansion?

By helping us develop new tools and techniques

5. How can UCMK support you? Service, consultancy etc

Provision of multiple VM’s to scale the processing of collected data

Access to scalable storage to hold acquired data

6. What’s the best thing about being in MK for business?

Transport links – Cost of living – Access to good staff pool

7. How has your business developed? i.e. Staff numbers? Turnover

ETL started with 2 employees and now has 11 + 3 part time – grown almost £1M annual turnover

8. Key Persons with job titles from your business to be included in the case study

Andrew Sheldon MSc. – Director and CTO

Pete Beeby – Lead developer

Rob Jamison – Technical Services Manager