People & Places

1.What’s your business? (In a nutshell)

People and Places Partnership are a consultancy, working largely for Local Authorities, which help measure and ultimately regenerate the performance of town centres and wider localities. We offer a suite of services such as Retail Audits, Footfall Analysis, Car Parking Audits, Business Confidence Surveys, Visitor Perception Surveys, Shoppers Origin Analysis and Partnership Development . These services are augmented by training sessions and presentations at both local, national and international events concerning localities.

2. Why did you choose MK? Skills and Location

People and Places work in localities all over the UK and MK offers a perfect location for easy transport access by both road and rail to most regions. Internally the city offers Universities, a skilled working population, an array of meeting places and a vast range of venues to entertain clients.

3. How can Big Data be instrumental in your expansion?

People and Places collect and analyse data sets on 100 localities each year. Access to macro data will allow the business to offer enhanced services, which ultimately benefits locations and communities from across the UK. We are particularly interested ii data concerning car parking, footfall, traffic flows and retail provision.

4. How can UCMK support you? Service, consultancy etc

With an eye on expansion we would look to work with UCMK to initially offer short term job opportunities to undergraduates and graduates. The venue will also act as a learning hub where we can share good practice and fresh ideas with other like minded consultants and businesses. Currently, there is nothing else on offer in Milton Keynes and provides a very exciting opportunity for small businesses like People and Places

5. What’s the best thing about being in MK for business?

* Local Environment

* Facilities in terms of venues to meet and entertain clients

* Transport Links

* Potential Workforce

6. How has your business developed? i.e. Staff numbers? Turnover

People and Places is currently a 6 month old partnership but in 12 months time we are looking to recruit a full time researcher and a part time administrator. Rather than being home based we will also be looking to work from an office in Milton Keynes, whether centrally or in one of the excellent business parks.