Smart Recruit Online

1. What’s your business? (In a nutshell)

We provide state of the art cloud based software solutions to help business recruit more effectively online. SRO is designed as a centralization platform that comes ready to use as a job creation and job advert distribution service, a recruitment campaign management service and a candidate screening service all in one. However, it is fully customizable to each users needs, with the ability to self administer styling and basic functionality changes and can integrate with other online recruiting tools via an API. The SRO system is designed to improve recruiting efficiencies and optimize efforts and results.

2. Why did you choose MK? Skills and Location

We have remained in MK because it is a great central location with great transport links and is a thriving business metropolis.

3. What’s your interest in Big Data?

We want to help Milton Keynes and the MK Smart team create a legacy for this project, by establishing a source of market intelligence that can help people looking for work in MK find it more easily and for employers looking to recruit, find and attract skills more intelligently. Access to market intelligence generated from big data can help employers make better recruiting decisions and potentially help attract more business into this area.

4. How can Big Data be instrumental in your expansion?

The Big data project could potentially provide unique access to market intelligence that could help our paying clients make better and more informed decisions, that will lead to better results. It can also provide insights into market trends and help us identify future markets that we can tap into.

5. How can UCMK support you? Service, consultancy etc

I am hoping that UCMK can provide the resources to support a project to develop a recruitment hub, that will have universal interest across all growing business in the area, as well as new companies coming into the area and be accessible to everyone. Harnessing the data and presenting it via a simple user interface will be an important factor and this could be delivered via UCMK students.

6. What’s the best thing about being in MK for business?

MK is very business focused, with a strong and ambitious business community.

7. How has your business developed? i.e. Staff numbers? Turnover

We officially went live in June 2011, having developed a working prototype for phase one of beta. In 2014, our first full year of trading we generated £240k in revenues and expect to double that in 2015.

8. Key Persons with job titles from your business to be included in the case study

Mark Stephens – Founding Director

Pete Mardell – Lead Developer

Christine Rand – Marketing Consultant

Sunil Kaushal – Data Analytics Consultant